Flashback Friday

Cidu Bill on Jun 9th 2017

Comic strip artists post repeats when they go on vacation, so why shouldn’t I?

Here’s what we were up to nine years ago (please note that links to non-CIDU pages probably won’t work)

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  1. Chakolate Jun 9th 2017 at 02:57 pm 1

    What a good idea!

  2. Meryl A Jun 13th 2017 at 01:45 am 2

    Great idea.

    Oddly I just had this happen to me.

    When I went to read last week’s Arlo and Janis, when I clicked the “next” arrow for last Tuesdays, I was suddenly in the the strips in June 2007 on the first of the sequence of Mary Lou telling Gene (and then they tell his parents) that she is pregnant and the boy left. I have no idea how I got to any strip except the next one in order. At least that answered a question I have had - in real time at least, Meg is around 10 years old, which puts her around the age I have figured over the time I have read the strip - sometimes she seems much older.

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