Saturday Morning Oy… and Geezer Alert?

Cidu Bill on Apr 8th 2017


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8 Responses to “Saturday Morning Oy… and Geezer Alert?”

  1. Daniel J. Drazen Apr 8th 2017 at 07:13 am 1

    A REALLY Geezer reference would have been “Eight Miles High” instead of “Turn Turn Turn.”

  2. Ignatz Apr 8th 2017 at 08:53 am 2

    A bad pun in search of a set-up.

  3. Bob in Nashville Apr 8th 2017 at 10:46 am 3

    I enjoyed the groan it gave me.

  4. Kevin A Apr 8th 2017 at 11:14 am 4

    this old boy felt no oy; this new strip has brought me joy!

  5. Mr. Grumpy Apr 8th 2017 at 06:16 pm 5

    That was funny — and I don’t think that’s my usual reaction to this strip. I am, however, a definite geezer.

  6. Boise Ed Apr 9th 2017 at 01:51 am 6

    This was a real LOL for me. I usually don’t like the obscure (to me) song references in Brevity cartoons, but this one did hit the spot.

  7. Mick from Woodbury Apr 10th 2017 at 04:17 pm 7

    Saturday morning groan gave me some “satisfaction”

  8. Timisan Apr 15th 2017 at 10:37 am 8

    Would it be something like an “honorary CIDU” if one does not want to admit to having any knowledge of the 70’s schlock-rock afterbirth that was Stynx?

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