Dot which “i”?

Cidu Bill on Feb 14th 2017


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  1. Rasheed Feb 14th 2017 at 11:34 am 1


  2. DemetriosX Feb 14th 2017 at 11:51 am 2

    Well, there’s an “i” in Valentine.

  3. Chemgal Feb 14th 2017 at 12:45 pm 3

    Also in “sweetie” and I’m sure one could be creative with terms of endearment.

  4. Kilby Feb 14th 2017 at 12:49 pm 4

  5. Kilby Feb 14th 2017 at 12:50 pm 5

    P.S. @4 - Drat it all, I think Wordpress has taken a dislike to links.

  6. Cidu Bill Feb 14th 2017 at 02:16 pm 6

    But if it’s not a handmade card. why would he be writing “Valentine” at all?

  7. Dave Van Domelen Feb 14th 2017 at 04:34 pm 7

    Or in “Be Mine”.

  8. James Pollock Feb 14th 2017 at 04:55 pm 8

    There’s one in “I love you”, too.

  9. Boise Ed Feb 14th 2017 at 05:18 pm 9

    James [8]: But not with a dot.

    Kilby [5]: The link works fine (or did Bill just release it from the autocensor?).

  10. James Pollock Feb 14th 2017 at 06:50 pm 10

    “James [8]: But not with a dot.”

    Tell that to e.e. cummings, or pretty much ANY 14-year-old girl.

  11. Kamino Neko Feb 14th 2017 at 11:08 pm 11

    ‘My wife’, ‘the love of my life’.

  12. Meryl A Feb 15th 2017 at 03:56 am 12

    We forgot! Well, we knew Valentine’s Day was coming, but we forgot to buy cards for my family and his nieces. So his older niece got a text message apologizing to the two of them and my family got a joint email doing ditto.

    It has been a couple of crazy weeks and we forgot to buy the Valentines - I just marked them in my Organizer for next Feb1 (and for the 2 years after as my annual reminders are set through 2020) to remind me to buy them.

    We don’t buy Valentines or gifts for each other. We used to make gifts which also served as the Valentine (I am a very cheap date), but after a couple of decades we both ran out of ideas - in the beginning it was a heart (and I don’t mean a Valentine heart but one with vein and artery) sewn and stuffed and wooden hearts cut out and so on. We knew to stop when I drew a heart on piece of heavy paper, glued on pennies and wrote “Makes cents to love you.”

  13. Kilby Feb 15th 2017 at 04:22 am 13

    @ Boise Ed (9) - Exactly, Wordpress has been going censor-happy recently.

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