Comics That Might Already Have Made Us Reluctantly Laugh Out Loud in 2016

Cidu Bill on Dec 29th 2016


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11 Responses to “Comics That Might Already Have Made Us Reluctantly Laugh Out Loud in 2016”

  1. mitch4 Dec 29th 2016 at 12:20 am 1

    The mostly-takeout Chinese restaurant in the strip mall at my corner is called The Wok’n'Roll.

  2. Kedamono Dec 29th 2016 at 12:21 am 2

    And I know of a “Wok This Wei!” as well.

  3. Kevin A Dec 29th 2016 at 02:58 am 3

    It’s 1:53am and I burst out a laugh that made the walls ring.

  4. Mike Dec 29th 2016 at 05:21 am 4

    Just last night we drove by the Hard Wok Cafe

  5. Kilby Dec 29th 2016 at 08:30 am 5

    Don’t forget that timeless cookbook classic: “101 ways to wok your dog!”

  6. Treesong Dec 29th 2016 at 11:25 am 6

    The cat is the best part.

  7. Dyfsunctional Dec 29th 2016 at 03:36 pm 7

    Didn’t TV chef Martin Yan used to have a gimmick where he’s wear an apron with a different wok-themed pun on it every day? “Wok Like an Egyptian,” “Luke Skywokker,” etc?

  8. Mark in Boston Dec 29th 2016 at 08:49 pm 8

    I hope he’s not wokking the dog. I hope that’s not why the cat is so interested.

  9. Lola Dec 30th 2016 at 12:03 pm 9

    If a guy had opened his hatchback and whipped up a stirfry, you could say he’s wokked out of his car. if he’d done it on the back deck, he’s wokked out of his house. OK, I’ll stop.

  10. Boise Ed Dec 30th 2016 at 04:50 pm 10

    Kedamono [2]: Do they have art by Ai Weiwei on the walls?

  11. Cidu Bill Dec 31st 2016 at 05:40 am 11

    Many couples have “a song”: my wife and I, I guess, have “a comic strip”:

    The first weekend we bought a Sunday paper together (Boston Herald), there was a comic in which Archie asks Jughead “Don’t you know what a wok is?”

    “Sure, it’s what you thwow at a wabbit!”

    We still have trouble talking about woks (like when we bought one for our son’s girlfriend last year) without one of us quoting that.

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