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  1. billybob Jul 28th 2016 at 12:27 am 1

    the patient with no torso (and no limbs to make his own adjustments) is fussy about how his head is treated.

  2. MinorAnnoyance Jul 28th 2016 at 12:30 am 2

    He should quit while he’s a head.

  3. James Pollock Jul 28th 2016 at 12:33 am 3

    Isn’t that Kowalski?

  4. Arthur Jul 28th 2016 at 12:33 am 4

    I think her attitude is bad because she’s not a head nurse.

  5. James Pollock Jul 28th 2016 at 12:35 am 5

    “I think her attitude is bad because she’s not a head nurse.”

    NSFW and decidedly, unredeemably sexist joke follows:

    The nurses knees aren’t visible. How can you tell if (s)he’s wearing knee pads or not?

  6. Dave Van Domelen Jul 28th 2016 at 01:19 am 6

    I read it as “he’s so worried the comfy pillow will be taken away while he goes to the bathroom, that he left his head behind on the pillow.”

  7. furrykef Jul 28th 2016 at 04:21 am 7

    @James Pollock: No, he was taller than that.

  8. Olivier Jul 28th 2016 at 04:37 am 8

    The Amazing Harvey strikes again !

  9. Powers Jul 28th 2016 at 08:17 am 9

    Billybob got it in one.

  10. Mitch4 Jul 28th 2016 at 08:35 am 10

    You’re all too much!

  11. Mona Jul 28th 2016 at 09:30 am 11

    “You’re all too much!”
    And Squirrel sez “Is there such a thing as too much when it comes to head?”

  12. Mona Jul 28th 2016 at 09:32 am 12

    I hope he gets better soon so he can get back to work. Bob is the Head Waiter at IHOP.

  13. 1958Fury Jul 28th 2016 at 09:32 am 13

    When weight reduction surgery goes too far.

  14. Judge Mental Jul 28th 2016 at 10:04 am 14

    My take was (oh so) slightly different than Billy Bob [1], though that appears to be the consensus.

    It wasn’t so much that he doesn’t have limbs to make his own adjustment and therefore is fussy about how his head is treated. Rather, what else would you expect a disembodied head to be fussy about?

  15. Treesong Jul 28th 2016 at 11:25 am 15

    I see that the name of the comic is ‘Loose Parts’.

  16. Jeff Lichtman Jul 28th 2016 at 12:18 pm 16

    Comic strip semiotics: When was the last time anyone saw a hospital bed with a written chart hanging on the footboard? Yet this is still used as a signal to the reader that it’s in a hospital room.

    On the other hand, the nurse is wearing modern scrubs and a name badge, not an old-fashioned nurse’s uniform with a cap.

  17. Boise Ed Jul 28th 2016 at 02:49 pm 17

    Hizzoner [14] had the same take that I did, but got here ahead of me.

    Jeff [15]: Just yesterday, I encountered a doctors’ office where they wear Google Glass, transmitting the whole examination to what amounts to a stenographer, 200 miles away in San Francisco. Supposedly, this yields better records of the examination and lets the doctor focus on the main event. So maybe the hospital bed above should have an iPad hanging from it.

  18. Mark in Boston Jul 28th 2016 at 09:34 pm 18

    Sings: I ….. ain’t got no body ….

  19. Kamino Neko Jul 28th 2016 at 10:32 pm 19

    Jeph…when I was in hospital earlier this year, there was no chart on the bed, but a lot of the information was on a whiteboard on the wall across from it, which the nurses would change whenever they came in and updated things.

  20. Kamino Neko Jul 28th 2016 at 10:33 pm 20

    *Jeff…sorry, I just came from the Questionable Content site.

  21. Chakolate Jul 28th 2016 at 10:34 pm 21

    You guys are tons funnier than the comics. Well done.

  22. Boise Ed Jul 29th 2016 at 03:01 pm 22

    Relatively synchronous: Last night, at the county fair, I got a beer and was pouring it into my (emptied) water bottle, when it foamed up over the top. “Too much head,” I commented. The stranger next to me smiled and asked “Is there ever such a thing as too much head?” So I immediately thought of Mona [11].

  23. Mona Jul 29th 2016 at 03:31 pm 23

    Thanks Ed!

  24. Dewy, Cheetum, & Howe ESQ. Aug 25th 2016 at 09:06 am 24

    Great Jokes all around, Good show…Dave Van Domelen for the win! Yay!! :)

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