Super Synchronicity

Cidu Bill on Feb 27th 2013

Chuck Mauthe found three of a kind on Sunday:




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  1. Morris Keesan Feb 27th 2013 at 08:04 am 1

    Stephen Bentley’s typo tips us off to the fact that he probably does his lettering with a keyboard, rather than using a pen.
    Just in case the uniformity of the letters weren’t a giveaway.

  2. Kilby Feb 27th 2013 at 08:37 am 2

    To save everyone the effort of hunting for Morris Keesan’s typo (@1), it’s the second word in the second panel of the second row. How revolting! On the other hand, I’m not 100% sure that those letters are a computer font, there are some (very) minor variations that would indicate otherwise. If it’s a font, is appears to be more sophisticated than most (see the G’s in “writing” and “giving”, or the line under the superscript TH in 10th).

    P.S. German children are taught to use fountain pens right from the start of the first day of first grade, which I always thought of as being insane. However, it is common practice to permit the use of an “ink killer” (a special felt tip pen that can “bleach out” a fountain pen mistake, the other end has a felt tip that can be used to enter the correction on the bleached location).

  3. Logan Feb 27th 2013 at 08:54 am 3

    The first comic seems to really exaggerate the tendency of ball point pens to leak. Fountain pens leak like hell, but I’ve never had as much trouble with ball point pens as this guy seems to.

  4. billytheskink Feb 27th 2013 at 09:13 am 4

    I love Jantze’s entertaining exaggeration in that The Norm strip, though I feel compelled to defend the ball-point pen.

    While I’m pretty much the opposite of a professional artist, I do quite a lot of drawing and I really like using those cheap Bic ball-point pens for sketching and doodling and, every so often, for shading my more “presentable” work. The splotches are an occasional issure, sure, but I have never had one spring a leak.

  5. John Small Berries Feb 27th 2013 at 09:14 am 5

    Back when I was a kid, ball-point pens used to leak like crazy. At least, mine did.

    And not all fountain pens leak. The cheap, mass-produced ones that use cartridges, sure. But a few years ago, I got a nice custom one and use an ink converter with it, and it hasn’t leaked once.

  6. Keera Feb 27th 2013 at 10:08 am 6

    I’ve used both kinds. The fountain pen was messier. Also, I feel thoughtier when I use felt tipped.

  7. Elyrest Feb 27th 2013 at 11:11 am 7

    I used fountain pens all throughout college and up till my late 20’s. I felt thoughtier( thanks Keera) writing with a fountain pen. Of course I mainly used them to write in my journals and journals just call for the most thoughtiest writing implements. Nowadays I like a good ball-point for work and I use some really nice Uni-Ball pens for my thoughtier writing.

    And thanks Kilby for saving me from eyestrain trying to find the spelling mistake.

  8. Ian Osmond Feb 27th 2013 at 12:55 pm 8

    Annoyingly, you can’t use EITHER a fountain pen OR a felt-tipped pen with our carbon-less copy duplicate checkbook. The only thing that works is a ballpoint. Because I prefer both fountain pens and felt-tips to ballpoints. They both flow better.

  9. Jeff S. Feb 27th 2013 at 06:53 pm 9

    I use both ballpoint pens and Sharpies where I work. I used to own a fountain pen when I was around 11 or so, when Bic (I believe) came out with a pen with a disposable ink cartridge.

    The fountain pen could be messy if mishandled. I have yet to have a ballpoint pen leak, but I have had them collect dirt at the nib, so I roll it to clear off the dirt/ink mixture, which leaves an ink glob. But I cause those.

    Now, I have had a Sharpie leak out about a quarter of the ink in it before I was able to cap it. Fortunately I was writing on a box, so the mess didn’t cause a problem… but it was a HUGE mess.

  10. Meryl A Mar 6th 2013 at 02:01 am 10

    Bic sticks leak, Papermate’s don’t.

    I prefer an ink pen. I have cartridge pens to use. I use a Uniball gel pen for all financial writing as it cannot be washed off like regular ballpoint and ink pens (recommended by the guy from “catch me if you can”.

    Husband makes ballpoint pens out of wood and out of corian on his lathe.

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