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Cidu Bill on Feb 27th 2013


Is there any logic in making this reference about a team that not only hits well year after year, but is famous for doing so?

Now, if you wanted to make a reference to not being able to get a runner in from third base with nobody out, that would be another matter: but this makes less sense than claiming that all New Yorkers wear black.

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Yeah, this is me at every large family gathering

Cidu Bill on Feb 27th 2013


I remember a few years back ending up in a long discussion with my uncle’s cousin’s life partner, he was asking about my kids, the whole works, and then having to semi-discreetly ask around to figure out who this guy was.

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I’ve got a lovely pair of coconuts…

Cidu Bill on Feb 27th 2013


Where can this possibly be taking place??

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S.P. Charles: ”What’s the joke even SUPPOSED to be here?”

Cidu Bill on Feb 27th 2013


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Super Synchronicity

Cidu Bill on Feb 27th 2013

Chuck Mauthe found three of a kind on Sunday:




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Cidu Bill on Feb 27th 2013


I keep thinking this is some Lucy-and-Linus homage, but I can’t figure out how

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