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Out There #2000

Cidu Bill on Feb 8th 2013

Congratulations to R.C. Monroe on his 2000th Out There strip.

I reviewed Out There six or seven years ago, shortly after it began (I think I may have been the first to do so), and said it was thoroughly entertaining. And that while I wasn’t sure how long he could keep the concept going, I was going to enjoy it while it lasted.

Okay, I was wrong about the “keeping it going” part, and it’s mostly because of the characters: they’re both well-defined and capable of surprising us.

And that leads into another thing I was wrong about: a few years ago, two of the characters seemed to be hooking up in what seemed to me a “jump the shark” moment waiting to happen. This disturbed me to the point where I wrote my first-ever e-mail to a cartoonist, and (quite presumptively, I know) asked him whether he was really going to go there. He wrote back “Trust me, Bill.”

In hindsight, this relationship made perfect sense, and turned out to be one of the best storylines in the strip.

Out There is the first strip I read each day.

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I do not think that word means what Stahler thinks it means

Cidu Bill on Feb 8th 2013


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CJA (now with a link that works): Teacher fired for referring to her class as ”future criminals” in her Facebook update

Cidu Bill on Feb 8th 2013

Oh, and just for the record, since we were on the subject of my name yesterday, the whole time I was subbing, I avoided the pronunciation issue by having the kids call me “Mister B.”

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Cidu Bill on Feb 8th 2013


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