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Oh yeah, as if ANY store waited until the third week in January to strat marketing for Valentine’s Day!

Cidu Bill on Jan 20th 2013


I saw several of them begin before Christmas

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Okay, so the obvious question is…

Cidu Bill on Jan 20th 2013


What was her underwear doing on the towel rack?

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Arlo @ Home

Cidu Bill on Jan 20th 2013


Adam @ Home slips another one by the censors

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Gratuitously Geeky Comic Of The Week

Cidu Bill on Jan 20th 2013


The gag would have worked just as well with the better-known Human Torch, right? Not that I’m criticizing, but just saying…

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Sunday Funnies - LOL January 20, 2013

Cidu Bill on Jan 20th 2013


Keera: This is a new comic, dro-mo, and today’s made me LOL. I just love the nerdy guy on the washing machine!

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