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I wonder whether they’ll change the date when they ”rerun” this strip some years down the line

Cidu Bill on Jan 12th 2013


Yes, that is the sort of thing I wonder about.

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Saturday Morning Ewww - January 12

Cidu Bill on Jan 12th 2013



  • Morris Keesan: Maybe I should just nominate Chris Hallbeck’s strips (Biff, Maximumble, Minimumble) for a permanent Ewww award.Which reminds me of the one about the guy in the public restroom who hears a voice from one of the stalls:”Hey! Is there anyone out there?”"Yes.”"Is there any toilet paper in any of the other stalls?”

    “No, sorry.”

    “Are there any paper towels?”

    “No, there’s just one of those hot air things.”


    “Do you have two fives for a ten?”

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