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3 Kings

Cidu Bill on Jan 6th 2013


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An LOL and a Question

Cidu Bill on Jan 6th 2013

Submitted by both Chak Olate and Morris Keesan:


Okay, here’s what I’ve always wondered: how did it get so firmly standardized that monkeys throw “poo,” rather than any other euphemism? Now granted there aren’t that many socially-acceptable euphemisms, but still… it’s always “monkeys” and “poo.” Nobody ever talks about “elephant poo,” after all, at least not as uniformly. Is it that simian excrement is somehow inherently cuter?

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I don’t know about anybody else…

Cidu Bill on Jan 6th 2013

…but before I scrolled down far enough to see the
police car, I was expecting to see Sweet Judy

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Sunday Funnies - LOL January 6, 2013

Cidu Bill on Jan 6th 2013


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