Meanwhile, back in Eden…

Cidu Bill on Jan 4th 2013


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  1. J-L Jan 4th 2013 at 12:10 pm 1

    Sweet! This looks like it should belong on Mr. Kitty’s “Stupid Comics” website!

    Here’s one from the “Stupid Comics” site that’s just as silly as the Batman intro above: Superboy punishing his parents (including melting faces):

  2. jzimbert Jan 4th 2013 at 12:35 pm 2

    Beautiful. Might be even better with Superman.

  3. John Small Berries Jan 4th 2013 at 02:50 pm 3

    That can’t be real… can it?

    “I can’t let Eve know that I, Batman, am also Bru– er, Adam, because she’s clearly as dumb as a stump and hasn’t realized on her own that if we’re the only two human beings on the planet, there’s nobody else I could possibly be.”

  4. John Small Berries Jan 4th 2013 at 02:57 pm 4

    Also, now that I think about it, why the hell would Adam be Batman anyway? Did God create him with fully-formed childhood memories of having his parents gunned down in an alleyway, the way He embedded fossilized dinosaur bones in the rocks to fool arrogant scientists six thousand years later?

  5. Walt Morris Jan 4th 2013 at 02:59 pm 5

    Here’s what I found about this cover from another website:

    One of eight imaginary splash pages by Waid, Templeton and Raspler from the wonderful, hilarious and near-mythic Elseworlds 80-Page Giant, August 1999.

    So no, it’s not a real comic book cover. Although if it was it might have been the absolute first comic book ever…

  6. Paperboy Jan 4th 2013 at 04:11 pm 6

    John Small Berries #2 has it: women have been stupid from Day One!
    (Thanks for the link, J-L#1 !)

  7. Kamino Neko Jan 4th 2013 at 04:21 pm 7

    That would never have been a cover, anyway.

    Everything about it - the colouring, the indica, the story synopsis - it’s all designed to look like the opening splash page of a story, not the cover of the issue.

  8. James Pollock Jan 4th 2013 at 04:45 pm 8

    You’d never have gotten this splash page past the CCA, because of the nudity. Got to protect those tender young minds, you know!

  9. zookeeper Jan 4th 2013 at 05:47 pm 9

    first impressions: WTF?

  10. Seth Finkelstein Jan 4th 2013 at 07:51 pm 10

    Regarding “only two human beings on the planet,”, in fairness, in a setting with an intelligent talking snake which has a humanoid head, it might not be completely clear that “Batman” is a human wearing a mask - as opposed to yet another kind of creature with a humanoid body but a dog-like head plus long neck wattles like a rooster. If new entities can be created (and Eve herself is proof of that), who is to say this one isn’t yet another project, for some mysterious reason?

    If I remember right, in the DC universe there’s been times that the general public has not been certain that Batman’s a trained but unpowered human dressed up with a bunch of gadgets,. And even some heroes who knew him slightly weren’t completely sure either. Presumably he wouldn’t give straight answers to any such questions and just said “I’m Batman”.

  11. James Pollock Jan 4th 2013 at 10:53 pm 11

    More significantly, there were people living outside the Garden… for Cain, and Abel, and their siblings to find spouses.

  12. Proginoskes Jan 5th 2013 at 01:59 am 12

    @ James Pollock: Cain and Abel were born after Adam and Eve were kicked out (in Genesis 4).

    The absence of fig leaves is supposed to suggest that this took place sometime in Genesis 3, before the fall. So “there *were* only two people on earth at this time”.

  13. Marko Jan 5th 2013 at 12:51 pm 13

    Besides, even with the mask, there are other ways Eve might recognize her husband IF you get my meaning AND I think you do..

  14. James Pollock Jan 5th 2013 at 01:38 pm 14

    Prog, can you provide a reference that shows that there weren’t people living outside the Garden before the Fall? True, they aren’t MENTIONED until after, but that’s not the same thing. Cats aren’t mentioned, either, but I’m fairly sure they exist.

  15. Mark in Boston Jan 5th 2013 at 05:07 pm 15

    For some reason this reminds me of a Jean Kerr story. Her son was disappointed on getting the part of Adam in the school play. Kerr: “Isn’t Adam a good part?” Son: “The snake has all the lines.”

  16. Proginoskes Jan 6th 2013 at 03:49 am 16

    @ James Pollock: I’m not a Biblical scholar; I’m just following the mythos here.

    In Genesis 3, dozens of reference are made to “the man” and “the woman”, not “a man” and “a woman”. The intention is that there be only one man and one woman on Earth at that time.

    Besides, it wrecks the idea of original sin, which states that we are all born evil because of what Adam, a direct ancestor, did. If there was another group of human beings who did not sin, their descendants wouldn’t need to be “saved from sin”, unless they intermarried with the “evil” Adam and Eve, right?

    Of course, Genesis 1 provides an alternate creation story, where Man is encouraged to eat of any tree, no exceptions listed (Genesis 1:29).

  17. James Pollock Jan 6th 2013 at 04:42 am 17

    “unless they intermarried with the “evil” Adam and Eve, right?”

    They intermarried with Adam and Eve’s offspring. Genesis 4 refers to others (the others who would kill Cain without mark, and the others who dwelt in the land of Nod, where Cain found a wife.) Adam and Eve were alone in the Garden, but by the time of banishment, weren’t alone on Earth.

  18. Proginoskes Jan 7th 2013 at 04:13 am 18

    “They intermarried with Adam and Eve’s offspring.” Good catch; I forgot to include their descendants.

    As for the others who “dwelt in the land of Nod”, there’s no mention of them in Genesis 4. Genesis 4:14 says: “It shall come to pass, that every one that findeth me shall slay me”, which is another way of saying: “_In the future_, every one that finds me …”

    “The land of Nod” could be purely a geographical description, not a cultural one.

    Of course that rasies the old question of who Cain’s wife was … After all the only woman alive at that time was … Nah, couldn’t be …

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