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CJA: ”Superior Legal Mind” Appeals Dismissal of His Lawsuit

Cidu Bill on Jan 4th 2013

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”Also, he still hasn’t learned to wear clothing”

Cidu Bill on Jan 4th 2013


(by the way, why does the counselor have a framed photo of a bone?)

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Meanwhile, back in Eden…

Cidu Bill on Jan 4th 2013


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A few notes about sending me comics

Cidu Bill on Jan 4th 2013

  • If you’re sending me a comic, the address is comicsidontunderstand at gmail. It’s best if you send both the comic and a link to the comic, since sometimes links don’t work and sometimes graphics don’t make it through.
  • I ignore nothing, but I don’t always deal with my e-mail in a timely manner. I’m not even going to go through the motions of a New Year’s resolution over that.
  • What’s worse, I’ve been coming across comics I’ve been sent that I’d saved in unlikely folders. Maybe this is the computer-age equivalent of absentmindedly putting away the ketchup in the microwave.
  • If you sent me something that was “out of season” by the time I saw it, I definitely apologize, and I’ll probably hold it back until it’s once again appropriate. This is my shout-out to the person who sent me a Christmas LOL that won’t show up here for another 11 months.
  • If you send me something and you don’t want your full name used, sign the e-mail with your first name, or the nickname you commonly use here. Or if you want to be absolutely sure, just add “Call me Bob.” Please don’t expect me to remember from a previous time, because I’m lucky if I remember my own kids’ names.
  • And if you’re new here, the FAQ is your friend.

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Cidu Bill on Jan 4th 2013


Ed sent me this CIDU, from Cats With Hands.

When you visit the Cats with Hands web site, you’re greeted by a loud “Meow.” This is easily one of the most obnoxious things I’ve encountered on any web site in quite a long wile.

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