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So… did any Texas newspapers drop Doonesbury this week?

Cidu Bill on Dec 13th 2012


Or at the very least black out today’s strip?

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I’m envisioning Hilburn tearing his hair out and screaming ”I TOLD THE !@#$ COLORISTS TO LEAVE HER PANTS WHITE!!!”

Cidu Bill on Dec 13th 2012


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1971 Called…

Cidu Bill on Dec 13th 2012


Do we have to file a Geezer Alert on this one as well, or will most of the non-AARP readership get it?

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White Elephants

Cidu Bill on Dec 13th 2012

Because elephants are Republicans and Republicans only care about white people and are therefore inclined to think only about white Christmases but they know they’re supposed to be politically correct so they’re acknowledging other colors of Christmas???

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CJA Update: Actress Suing IMDb For Revealing Her Age Asks For Summary Judgment

Cidu Bill on Dec 13th 2012

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Fish Dinners

Cidu Bill on Dec 13th 2012


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