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I’m guessing this wasn’t the first draft…

Cidu Bill on Dec 2nd 2012


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What’s Cooking?

Cidu Bill on Dec 2nd 2012


Cookbook? His i-Pad? Her i-Pad?

No idea what’s going on here without context.

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Maybe We Can Ask Mister Know-It-All

Cidu Bill on Dec 2nd 2012

Barrett: What name is Satchel referring to when he calls himself Inspector Pretty Little Find-it-all? It’s an awkward enough name that I assume it’s a play on a real or fictional detective, but I can’t find any name that even comes close to sounding like that.



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Cidu Bill on Dec 2nd 2012


“Best deal”?? Doesn’t amnesty just mean you can return overdue books without a fine? I wasn’t aware there’s also a bounty.

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