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Cidu Bill on Nov 6th 2012


One of the best-ever “taking advantage of the three week lag” comics

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Comics That Made Us Laugh Out Loud on Election Day (well, COMIC, anyway…)

Cidu Bill on Nov 6th 2012


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Election Day (OT, obviously)

Cidu Bill on Nov 6th 2012

Last week we were told that Election Day could only be postponed by an act of Congress, and it was taken for granted by everybody that this would be impossible.

Um, no it wasn’t. We’re not talking about forcing a Congressman to ride his horse from Atlanta to Washington: there are government planes at their constant disposal, supplied at government expense, and there was no reason these men and women couldn’t have shown up to do their job. It’s true that they don’t treat this as a full-time gig — though they’re certainly being paid enough — but for something like this, I expect them to get there.

Maybe everything will work out fine today: but if, say, everything hinges on the Ohio numbers, and it’s close, and a great many Ohioans were not able to vote… well, we’re in for a mess that will make the Chad nonsense seem like a piece of cake.

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Fore (Arlo)

Cidu Bill on Nov 6th 2012

(Okay, I understand that WordPress is always an hour off for the first couple of weeks after DST begins and ends… but right now, Sunday evening, it seems to think today is Tuesday!) Continue Reading »

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The only explanation is can think of for this one is sort of unpleasant

Cidu Bill on Nov 6th 2012


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