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Cidu Bill on Nov 3rd 2012


This was last Monday’s Argyle Sweater, and the same day’s “retro” Arlo and Janis. It counts. And we probably could have done without reading either of them in our newspaper while eating breakfast (assuming any of us still read newspapers; which come to think of it I do more often than I eat breakfast).

Regarding the first comic, though: the reference is to Justin Bieber throwing up twice during a recent concert. Not only don’t I see the punchline here… but to be fair, you have to give the kid some credit rather than trying to make a joke at his expense: he threw up, then went on with the show. Threw up again, tried to soldier on yet again, then finally realized he couldn’t do it. Contrast that with performers who cancel a show or cut it short after half an hour because that pesky ingrown toenail is bothering them and they just can’t “feel” the music tonight.

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