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A Snooki little girl like you

Cidu Bill on Jun 6th 2011


My WAG, based entirely on the knowledge that Snooki is a character on Jersey Shore (and, because it was explained to me in the context of a previous CIDU, that she’s short — though that seems irrelevant here), is that “Snooki orange” refers to the shade of her artificially-enhanced tan.

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Cidu Bill on Jun 6th 2011

Pretty damn sure this will need to be moved to the Arlo Page once it’s explained, so I might as well get it over with now. Continue Reading »

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Comics That Made Morris Keesan Smile

Cidu Bill on Jun 6th 2011

“These two didn’t actually make me laugh out loud, but after reading them I can’t stop smiling”


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LOL - June 6

Cidu Bill on Jun 6th 2011

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