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Becky: ”Caffeinicity. Three in one day? almost enough to give me the jitters”

Cidu Bill on Dec 14th 2010


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Four Things I Love About Christmas

Cidu Bill on Dec 14th 2010

1- That thing about Jewish families celebrating Christmas by going to the movies and eating at Chinese restaurants? Not just a cliché. And the ritual becomes more important as the kids get older, go off to college, have their increasingly separate lives, because it becomes the one day of the year when we absolutely will see a movie as a family, and go out to eat together without other plans intervening.
And it’s not only Jewish families: this area has a large Indian-American population, and they’ve pretty much adopted “our” customs. A few years ago we chose to see “Slumdog Millionaire” on Christmas day, which turned out to be a big mistake.

2- Spending Christmas Eve with our Christian friends. We don’t have to share their same beliefs, and we’re obviously not “celebrating Christmas” per se, but we’re honored to be asked to be part of their celebration.
It works both ways, of course: every year we supply a whole lot of Christians, several Hindus, and I think a Buddhist or two with their annual latke fixes. And by “we” I mean me, standing by the stovetop all evening juggling two separate frypans, trying to keep up with the demand.

3- Candy canes. Until I eat too many of them and start to feel sick. Which happens maybe three times every December. Some people know their limits. I should probably look into a 12-step program for peppermint sticks.

4- The one Christmas song that makes any school orchestra concert worthwhile:

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Does this work if everybody’s speaking with Michigan accents?

Cidu Bill on Dec 14th 2010


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Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs

Cidu Bill on Dec 14th 2010


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