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34 Responses to “Coconuts”

  1. Steffen Aug 6th 2010 at 12:10 am 1

    The palm tree found the fellow stranded there annoying and is happy to see him go.

  2. Elyrest Aug 6th 2010 at 12:16 am 2

    Or the palm tree is lonely and is hoping the guy will wreck and keep him company.

  3. captainswift Aug 6th 2010 at 12:21 am 3

    I thought the tree believed it was being rescued.

  4. furrykef Aug 6th 2010 at 12:34 am 4

    Well, the boat’s definitely moving away from the tree, so 2 and 3 don’t seem very likely.

  5. Elyrest Aug 6th 2010 at 12:38 am 5

    I just knew someone would bring up those lines.

  6. FeelinOld Aug 6th 2010 at 12:39 am 6

    Agree with Steffen, Finally, I’m rid of that annoying human.

    Is it just me or have we seen an awful lot of stranded on a desert island panels in all sorts of comic lately?

  7. The Bad Seed Aug 6th 2010 at 12:59 am 7

    The tree’s happy that Butthead is leaving. I suppose Beavis is piloting the boat.

  8. furrykef Aug 6th 2010 at 01:10 am 8

    Forehead’s nowhere near tall enough to be Butthead, I’m afraid.

  9. Detcord Aug 6th 2010 at 03:08 am 9

    Until I read the other comments here (which are far more accurate - by the way), my impression was that the desert island tree was expressing joy/relief/fulfilment that its raison d’être, or reason for being, was about to be realised. Of course, every desert island tree aspires to be the host of a marooned castaway. Especially after the success and stardom of its near-relations on Gilligan’s Island.

    Those ‘wavy lines’ do kill this theory though. :-(

  10. chuckers Aug 6th 2010 at 05:04 am 10

    I was with Detcord until I read the first response and looked back at the comic to see the ‘wavy lines.’ I am crushed and in despair as much as Detcord is now.

  11. Carl Aug 6th 2010 at 06:42 am 11

    The castaway had been eating the tree’s children for the whole time he was there.

  12. Dave in Asheville Aug 6th 2010 at 08:42 am 12

    Finally, the tree can relieve itself of that uncomfortable bloated feeling…

  13. padraig Aug 6th 2010 at 09:18 am 13

    Hey, if someone had been trying to tear your nuts off every day since you met him, you’d be happy to see him go too.

  14. Molly J Aug 6th 2010 at 09:32 am 14

    Excellent, padraig!

  15. MB Aug 6th 2010 at 11:39 am 15

    A houseguest that stayed too long?

  16. Keera Aug 6th 2010 at 11:49 am 16

    It’s a deserted island. If it were a desert island, there wouldn’t be any coconut palms.
    /end peeve/

  17. Woodrowfan Aug 6th 2010 at 12:07 pm 17

    He’d probably been peeing on the tree too.

  18. Detcord Aug 6th 2010 at 12:53 pm 18

    Keera (16)

    Um. Not quite. Check this out.

  19. Keera Aug 6th 2010 at 02:11 pm 19

    Detcord @18, *snort*. “A desert island or uninhabited island…” Even Wikipedia doesn’t get it right. Try a dictionary.

  20. Winter Wallaby Aug 6th 2010 at 02:35 pm 20

  21. Mark in Boston Aug 6th 2010 at 02:45 pm 21

    Why is the man looking back like that? Does he miss the place already? Would he rather go back and stay on the island?

  22. Dyfsunctional Aug 6th 2010 at 04:01 pm 22

    For an island to be “deserted” (past participle), it has to be inhabited first, no? “Deserted” isn’t a synonym for “uninhabited.” Maybe “desert island” is wrong in a literal sense, but then what would we call an island that’s neither “desert” or “deserted?”

  23. Detcord Aug 6th 2010 at 04:38 pm 23

    Keera (19)

    “Even Wikipedia doesn’t get it right. Try a dictionary.”

    Okay, how’s this. Note specifically the second, archaic, definition. :-)

    Dyfsunctional (22)

    Words mean what people say they mean. They become common when lots of people agree. Consider the word “gay” in the Civil War era marching song, “When Johnny comes marching home”. It still means “happy” or “excited”, but now it also means homosexual as well. Thus, if enough people think, “Desert Island”, means an uninhabited one, regardless of how much rain falls, well then that’s what it means.

    Sorry Keera. :-(

  24. Detcord Aug 6th 2010 at 04:50 pm 24

    …and if that doesn’t convince you, then here’s definitive proof!


  25. Elyrest Aug 6th 2010 at 05:12 pm 25

    People have been going back and forth whether it should be desert or deserted. Deserts are not lifeless though as most of them have flora and fauna. There are many types of deserts out there also and few look like the windswept sands of the Sahara - and even the Sahara has life.

    And I think Dyfsunctional (22) has an interesting point with the word deserted. I hadn’t quite thought of the word that way.

  26. Keera Aug 6th 2010 at 05:13 pm 26

    Very well, Detcord @23. I’ll concede to this one. I have plenty of other peeves to choose from. :-)

  27. Jeff S. Aug 6th 2010 at 10:26 pm 27

    Just for Nicole… The tree has a knothole on the opposite side. No wonder it’s glad to see him go.

  28. furrykef Aug 7th 2010 at 08:17 am 28

    Keera — is one of your peeves when people spell “no one” as “noone”? Because every time I see it, I pronounce it in my head as though it rhymed with “Pat Boone”, and it drives me @#!!* nuts.

    Not enough people have this peeve, as evidenced by the fact that I see this all the time. What’s odd is I never used to see it at all, and now it feels as if there’s a 50/50 chance as to whether it’ll be spelled correctly.

    Another one I have is when people spell the past tense of “lead” the same way as the present tense. If you’re pronouncing “lead” the same way as “led”, you’re describing a metal, not an action…

  29. Mark in Boston Aug 7th 2010 at 12:56 pm 29

    It’s a dessert island. The coconuts are for eating after dinner.

  30. Keera Aug 8th 2010 at 02:57 am 30

    Furrykef @28, my mother is a bad speller so common misspellings (ike lose/loose) I don’t get worked up about; I have to remember there’s a parent in apparent, myself (instead of all a’s). What bothers me more are “loaning” x to someone (rather than lending) or “gifting” (rather than giving x) or the abuse of “utilize” (when it should be use, because utilize means using something for another purpose than that for which it was intended). I’m sure there are others.

    “Noone” makes me say it as “Boone” too. I spell it “no-one”, myself, because “no one” (also) looks wrong to me. I guess I’m just trying to follow the anyone/someone pattern.

  31. Mark M Aug 8th 2010 at 01:38 pm 31

    @6. I have noticed that too. In addition to wondering how we got to the standard “man on island with one palm tree growing coconuts” being used so much, I also have the following doubts about this scenario:

    1. How does man on island open the coconuts? Having purchased one recently and fighting with it, I’m pretty sure ramming it against the tree won’t help.
    2. For man on island to survive, this must be the most fruitful tree that ever existed.

  32. Detcord Aug 8th 2010 at 05:11 pm 32

    Mark M (31)

    I think the “tiny island with single coconut tree” has become iconic in cartoons. Several ‘toons, such as Hagar the Horrible use it to convey that castaway or marooned effect, without troubling with drawing too many trees.

    I think this leads into the discussion Furrykef and Keera are having. Spelling is important, but if enough readers get used to spelling something a certain way, then that form of spelling becomes the norm - even if that norm started as a well publicized mistake. This can be irritating for those of us who took the time to learn the correct spelling - but that is the power of the masses.

  33. Araxie Aug 11th 2010 at 02:14 am 33

    This was an LOL for me. :) Reminds me of Brevity’s habit of thinking from the perspectives of inanimate objects.

  34. Todd Aug 13th 2010 at 05:15 pm 34

    I’m surprised no one has pointed out that the guy’s shirt is either worn out or sweat stained. If he’d been there that long, he should have had long hair and a beard. And we should be able to see whomever is piloting the boat.

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