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An Intellectual Question

Cidu Bill on May 4th 2010

Last night, I saw somebody described as a “writer and intellectual,” and it got me wondering… what exactly do you have to do to be officially classified as an intellectual? Is there a formal ceremony, like receiving sawdust from the Wizard? I’m purty clever, so can I just declare myself an intellectual and expect everybody else to go along with it? Would I have to, you know, share my wisdom with the world while wearing a tweed jacket and stroking my beard? Presumably I’d have to intellectualize on a variety of topics, since if I concentrated on one field I’d be a pundit instead. I’m thinking the bar for punditry is lower than for intellectualism. Also, pundits want to convince everybody else that they’re right, while an intellectual probably doesn’t care because he knows most people just aren’t smart enough to understand him anyway.

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Cidu Bill on May 4th 2010


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