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I don’t want no part of this zombie love

Cidu Bill on Nov 18th 2009

Yeah, we’re gonna need the Arlo Page for this one… Continue Reading »

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Great Moments in Customer Service

Cidu Bill on Nov 18th 2009

Great Moments in Customer Service:

“I opened up the bottle of grape juice and there was this weird, nasty-looking stuff floating around.”

“How did it taste?”

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Sexist or Not?

Cidu Bill on Nov 18th 2009

palin.jpgSarah Palin complained that this week’s Newsweek cover is sexist, and… well, I think I sort of agree, though we might be dealing with semantics here: Certainly Newsweek chose this particular photo with the inten of trivializing Palin (the photo is real, but was taken earlier this year as part of a spread for Runner’s World magazine). And they probably wouldn’t have used this sort of photo to trivialize a male politician (can you imagine a cover story about Obama’s domestic policy agenda being illustrated with this?


So if using a “sexy” cover photo of a female politician is a context where you wouldn’t use one of a male politician is sexist, then I find myself in the odd position of siding with Palin.

Of course what I found most interesting about all this was Palin’s comment on the cover, ending with “If anyone can learn anything from it: it shows why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, gender, or color of skin” — clear proof, I guess, that she writes her own material. I mean, I sort of maybe know what she’s kind of getting at here, but…

And actually what makes that quote more interesting is the fact that it was written (apparently) on the same day that she vigorously defended racial profiling on the Sean Hannity show.

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Cidu Bill on Nov 18th 2009

reform.jpgMorris Keesan: What does he think they mean? I can’t get from “demand reform” to “wear your suit upside down and stand on your hands”. Even if I look at the comic upside down.

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